Suggested Readings

The following are some of the books and articles I recommend to caregivers of special needs children:

Klein, S.D. & Schive, K. (2001).  You will dream new dreams:  Inspiring personal stories by parents of children with disabilities.  New York, NY:  Kensington Books.  

Meyer, D.J. (1995).  Uncommon fathers:  Reflections on raising a child with a disability.  Bethesda, MD:  Woodbine. 

Miller, N.B. (1994).  Nobody's perfect:  Living and growing with children who have special needs.  Baltimore:  Paul H. Brookes.  

Moses, K. (1987).  The impact of childhood disability:  The parent's struggle.   Ways Magazine, Spring.  Evanston, IL.  

Naseef, R.A. (1997).  Special children, challenged parents:  The struggles and rewards of raising a child with a disability.  Secaucus, NJ:  Birch Lane Press.