About Kate

 I hold a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Boston College and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from William James College (formerly Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology).  I have a broad range of experience and training in various treatment settings.   For over six years, I worked at the University of Vermont Medical Center as both an outpatient psychotherapist and inpatient medical psychology consultant, treating and consulting on a a full range of psychiatric issues.  Prior to that, I worked and trained in a college counseling center, a federal prison, a psychiatric inpatient unit, and a partial hospital program. In 2016, upon moving from Vermont to Massachusetts, I started private practice in a lovely office in downtown Natick.  

But if you really want to know me, you would need to know that I am the proud mother of two little girls, the oldest of whom has significant special needs.  You would need to know that as the mom of a special needs child, I am keenly aware of the emotional roller coaster ride that caregivers of these extraordinary children can often find themselves on, especially in the first few years of the child's life.  I know all too well that many experience real grief over the loss of the dreams they once had for their child, struggle to feel connected to other parents of "normal" children, and often experience marital stress and conflict.  I also know that psychotherapy CAN help, which is why one of my specialties is in the treatment of caregivers of special needs children.   

In addition to being passionate about my work with parents of special needs children, I am also passionate about my work with other adult-oriented issues.  These include:  chronic procrastination and avoidance, an issue I studied and ultimately a topic upon which I wrote my dissertation; struggles with loss of sense of self/identity in various stages of adulthood - be it during parenthood, within one's marriage, amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, as one approaches and embarks on retirement, etc.; panic and anxiety disorders in otherwise high functioning individuals; issues of infertility and pregnancy loss; and coping with a new (or not so new) medical diagnosis or that of a family member's.  

And so, whether you are an adult suffering from anxiety, debilitating procrastination, loss of sense of self, difficulty coping with a new medical diagnosis, infertility or pregnancy loss, or another psychological condition, or a parent of a special needs child struggling with issues of grief and overwhelm, I welcome you into my psychotherapy practice.